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i have four 1100,s and two 11-87,s and they shoot any thing i put in them. most of the jams i have seen at the trap,five stand and sporting clays have been due to bad reloads and believe me i have seen all brands suffer from this, some of the jams are from poor maintence(i never clean my gun,it don,t need it).i don,t think i would have any trouble with any brand of auto shotgun, i load with a mec 9000G and only load one load on it and it has worked in many different shotguns in all the clay games i shoot (i didn,t say i was a expert at them). as for cleaning i clean at 600 or so rounds and it takes all of 15-20 minutes and have no jams. with this kind of maintance all auto,s should work jam free. i have shot just about all the shotgun used in the clay games and after making sure they fit me,i could use them all.i do like a heavy gun for the clay games,but use a light 28-20 ga.for most hunting. eastbank.
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