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Afternoon fellers,

Sure hope I don't cause anyone a problem, but after seeing posts on this powder, and with H335 doing so well in my 45/70, I wanted to go that route.

But---------------- as clearly you also have, I rec'd and read cautions as to cold weather problems with that powder.

Sooooooo, as I said, I froze loaded ammo for at least a couple of days and then without allowing it to warm to any great degree, Shot it.

The results were as I indicated, at least for me, a non-issue.

Not sure what the temp is on this freezer, but it is low enough that we regularly keep WELL WRAPPED wild game for 2 plus years with no sign of problems.

Anyway, my limited testing gave me confidence to use the H335 during our hunts which run into the first of December here in Ideeeeeho.

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