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Are you near Lodi, Ohio? A couple of years ago I went to the Log Cabin shop and took their gunbuilding class. They have a wonderful collection of powder horns, cans, and of course, percussion rifles including one with a tube sight.

BTW, the folks there and I never got "Medina" right. I pronounce it "May-dee-na" and they say "Mah-die-na."

Shooting at a Rendezvous trailwalk is slower than regular paper punching, but the variety of targets is great. Gongs are placed into the vital spots of the targets (heart region of a rearing Bear or walking elk), poker chips at 5 yards and metal gongs at 200, logging chain, playing cards, splitting a ball against an axe blade so as to break the two pigeons on either side of the axe blade), breaking cross strings or feathers, lollipop tree (call your flavor). It's much more fun than regular shooting!

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