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yet another newbie reloading set of questions

I'm new to reloading, and for the record I won't be reloading anything but .45 Colt at the lower end of the pressure scale before I give .454 Casull reloading a try. I have a Ruger SRH btw. I spent enough time firing 120mm smoothbore and 155mm Howitzer in the Army to have a healthy respect for chamber pressures.

1) I haven't ordered my reloading books yet, just a hand press and a lot of other stuff to get started. Eventually, I want to load .45 Colt, .454 Casull, and 30-06. Is there one book that would cover all three of these? How about reloading software? There's even a sourceforge project at that looks pretty interesting.

2) The .45 Colt reloading combination I came up with is Universal powder, Federal Premium Gold Medal Large Pistol primers (midway didn't have a lot of the primers others were recommending in stock) and Ranier LeadSafe 250 grain .452 bullets (indoor range). I thought about getting TrailBoss... seems like a smart powder for a first timer but I would have to get 5 lbs. Anyway, how's that combination sound? I noticed Ranier says to send these above 1500 fps, but considering I'll loading them to go more like 850 fps shouldn't be a problem. Guess these wouldn't work for .454 though.

3) How come there are hardly any FMJ bullets above around 230 grains? I see MagTech sells a 260 grain FMJ fully assembled, but they don't seem to offer that bullet in their reloading section. Is there a reason why .454 Casull ammo only seems to be mainly offered in either lead bullets or JHP/JSP etc. configurations?

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