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Blue Train. I've been watching those 30-40's cowboy movie boxed specials from Wally World. The shoot outs are pretty bad and in many cases, no homicide because the good guy just shoots the gun out of the other feller's hand. Even when folks are shot, they're just "winged" and according to the hero (or a doc if there's one in the script), "he'll be fine." They kept the violence down in those films to get some approval. As for some of those singing cowboys like Roy Rogers, Gene Autry or Tex Ritter, these were depression era films and all sorts of stuff had to be packed into a film.

Another funny thing was the use of double action revolvers by some cowboys. Certainly some were around, but I never noticed them before in the older movies. The worse is when one mob chases another. The pokes in the chasing mob all shoot at the fleeing mob. Never mind if one of your own is in front of you, shoot away anyway! I also think they all taught Elmer Keith how to shoot since they hit at 75-100 yards by snap shooting their revolvers. I don't think Keith snap shot and hit things at 100.
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