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The second 150 rds. I loaded with these specs: Hornady .355" 115 GR XTP bullets, Winchester 9mm brass, CCI 500 small pistol primers, 4.6 - 4.7 gr of Titegroup, OAL 1.095"
Shows a COL of 1.075 for the HP-XTP #35540.
Well there you go, thanks GlenF. So he's actually seated longer than recommended OAL for that bullet, which is the only OAL that applies here. So we aren't worried about overpressure from seating too deep. Is there any data in the Hornady manual for titegroup?

Even if there isn't, based on the Gold Dot data these loads should be fine. So in my opinion, if I was the OP, I would take note of the 50 bullets I already pulled and be sure I learned my lesson. Then I would load up 5-10 rounds/batch, increasing in increments of 0.2-0.3gr powder starting at 4.0gr and shoot those first (lowest charge to highest), looking for pressure signs. You shouldn't see any, but if you do then act accordingly. I've shot 4.7gr titegroup under a 115gr XTP and it was a really good load. I did work up to that though.
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