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Geez, all the westerns I've been watching are black & white and are long forgotten by most people. Hardly any of them had much shooting and not always that many horses. Some were serials. The good guy didn't always get the girl; he just rode off with his partner. They'd be back with a new adventure in a few months time anyway. The sidekick was as entertaining as the hero. In some there were two heros. Sometimes there was a lot of incidental music. My son didn't like movies in which everyone would just start singing. But a singing cowboy was more authentic than a gunslinging cowboy, never mind that usually characters weren't exactly cowboys. They were just westerners.

A couple of westerns were based on stories from Japanese movies, like the Seven Samurai. In one Japanese samurai movie, the good guy is sitting in what looks like a corn crib watching a leaf blowing around in the wind. He takes out a dagger and practices throwing it at the leaf. Later, the bad guy shows up for the final "shootout" (the bad guy has a percussion revolver, so it's in the 1860s-1870s). The good guy throws his dagger and gets the bad guy in his gun hand, thus evening the odds.

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