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Who are you guys trying to kid?

ND's with injury happen alot.

A SouthWest Pistol league expirienced shooter shot and killed himself within the las ten years. That was public information. (2.) The Las Vegas guy shortly after opening his 'school', had a student ND himself in the leg with a SIG, the owner wrote-up the entire ND as a quasi press release. (3.) Before it was sold, API in AZ had four NDs with injury that I know about. (4.) Between 1982 and 1989, I personally read the Medical Examiner's report on two seperate ND deaths at a range near me. (5.) A spectator at Silicon Valley multi agengy LEO SWAT shooting event was hit with a 115 fmj to the front of his BP vest circa 1999 or 2000. (6.) Jim Cirillo told me he took a 148HBWC to the calf muscle at a PPC match in the 1970s. (7.) In the early 1990s at a LE firearms instructor class that was held a month or two before mine, a soon to be instructor soaked-up a frontal gun shot wound from another, soon-to-be-instructor. (8.) I was at the indoor public range when a cock the hammer first & lay it back down for a fast pick-up shot type shooter, ND his own foot with a 2'' .357. It was a S&W M19. At this same indoor range, one employee told me he was on duty during four suicides. And he also said that the other indoor range a few miles away held the record for even more suicides and ND ijuries. I have been at two gunshows when someone ND one into the ceiling and one to the floor.

But I tell myself it won't / can't happen to me. Ha Ha.

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