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I carry an NAA .22mag ALWAYS......Will it stop an attacker like my .454 Ruger Alaskan? Not even! It fits in my pocket and even with a 2" barrel my .454 doesn't and weighs about 4lbs. I live in Fla. most the year and it's hard to hide my .45 auto ,.454, 92sf,Single Six, .45 SAA, T/C .44mag. ....You get the idea. I have a Ruger LCR 38spl.that fits in some pockets, but it's hard to hide anything under a t-shirt. I figure if someone gets ahold of me they might have a real problem with a.22 mag lighting up while pressed against their chest,neck,head or wherever I can get it. I'm too old to take a whippin' and too young to die and a.22Mag beats the heck out of knife or empty hand. Just my 2cts.

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