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Early Pedersoli Hawken?

Does anyone know if Pedersoli made an earlier Hawken rifle prior to their current Rocky Mountain Hawken? I recently purchased a Pedersoli Hawken that I believe is before their current one. The only barrel markings are in this order, the serial #, the cal., Pedersoli trademark, Black Powder only with made in Italy under that. It has a Maple stock with a 32" browned barrel, case hardened butt, lock, and trigger guard/group, and a pewter nose cap. I didn't like the plastic looking finish on the stock so I took it all down and refinished it. It had a few rough spots here and there but nothing major and I was able to fix them with no problems. The only down side, and it is only a slight one, is that it is a 50 cal instead of 54. I haven't yet been able to get it to the range as I just finished doing all the stuff on it that I wanted to do.

Anyway, back to my original question. Did Pedersoli make an earlier Hawken prior to their current one?
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