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Consistent accuracy doesn't happen by accident. Expecting a $30 set of Lee dies to perform as well as a $150 set of Reddings is unrealistic.
Despite what some will tell you, there are vast differences in die design and quality. Some dies size the neck using a collet, others use bushings and some use an expander. Competetion seater dies (with the micrometer) offer greater precision and less run-out over conventional seaters.

Question is: does your rifle have the accuracy potential to benefit from expensive dies, components, etc.?
I suggest buying a couple of boxes of Federal Gold Medal Match ammo and find out. If your rifle won't shoot sub MOA with Federal GMM, you're likely not going to improve on that by purchasing expensive dies.

If your rifle does shoot tight groups with Federal then you might want to consider a set of Reddings like these...
or these
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