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Doug Bowser
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The reason for Fast and Furious

I wrote this letter to my hometown newspaper, about 4 weeks ago,

A letter to the Editor of the Enterprise Journal,

There has been a lot of speculation in the press about the US Justice Department’s program called “Fast and Furious”. When I first heard the U.S. President, President of Mexico and Secretary of State announce that the Mexican Drug Cartels were smuggling firearms from the United States gun dealers to their Country, I thought the announcement did not make any sense. Why would the Cartels buy American semi-automatic firearms for $400-$500, when they could buy full automatic firearms from Worldwide Arms Dealers for $100 per copy. The foreign arms could also be acquired without serial numbers.

Fast and Furious was started to make the Government’s announcement of illegal gun sales to Mexico by American gun dealers a fact. “Fast and Furious” was implemented with no concern for the lives of Mexican Citizens and some of our own Law Officers. We had a US Law Officer killed with a firearm furnished to the Drug Cartels with the blessing of our own Justice Department. It amounts to a deception that was supposed be able to stir up the American People and allow more gun control to be implemented. Reports say the Mexican Government is destroying firearms confiscated from the Drug Cartels. They are being destroyed and the firearms are not being traced to their origins. We will never know what evil acts were performed by the “Fast and Furious” Firearms. The Mexican Government is effectively covering up this horrible program.

The truth is, the Liberal politicians in Washington have lost the Gun Control issue but they do not want to admit it. The will do anything to enhance their agenda, including risk the lives of Mexican and American Citizens and Law Enforcement Officers on both sides of the border.

Recently, there was a LARGE cache of Full Automatic Assault Rifles and weapons discovered in the Arizona desert. They were smuggled into the United States. If our gun dealers are responsible, explain the Rocket Powered Grenades found with the arms. I would also like to know what anyone was doing bringing that many illegal arms into our Country?

Doug Bowser
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