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There is precious little difference in what can be done between die brands, as such. And no difference at all unless the user is both a highly skilled shooter as well as an excellant reloader. On average, there is as much difference between any two die sets of the same brand as there is between brands.

No one wants less than the best possible accuracy and we all have our favorites but favorites vary because while we may prefer this or that feature or look or feel, our rifles couldn't care less what brand of dies made the ammo.

Meaning, buy what ever you prefer to try and know that - on average - what you get will do a very good job if you do a very good job. IF you get one of the very rare defective dies that they all let out occasionally, the maker will correct or replace them for you IF you let them know about it.

After a few years of loading and shooting you will have the experience to know if you want to up grade your dies and what features appeal to you without having to ask a bunch of faceless posters on the web.

Good luck!
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