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It's a pain to do it

I would break them down. The 4.8 grains powder charge is one thing. The length is the part that scares me.

A shorter overall length means that the space inside the cartridge for the combustion to start is smaller. With the smaller space, the pressure will rise faster.

Get your calipers and measure the empty space in your cartridge

your overall length of the finished cartridge
the length of your bullet
the thickness of the web.

The thickness of the web can be determined by either cutting a cartridge case in half and measuring it or by subtracting the depth of the cartridge case from the length of the cartridge case.

The ratio between a cartridge length of 1.095" and 1.125" should startle you and remove all doubt over whether you should fire these rounds or disassemble them.

Keep in mind that the shape of the bullet nose makes a big difference.

Good luck. Be safe Always, all ways. Wear eye protection when you take these 150 rounds apart.

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