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There is want is legal, and what is right. We have a tradition in this country of doing the sensible thing. I'm not a drinking man, but the 18th amendment which banned "intoxicating liquors" from 1920-1933 was one of the dumbest laws ever conceived and was largely ignored by everyone. It lead to greater crime, corruption in LE and politics, destroyed faith in Law enforcement and elected officials that is still a problem to this day. Many other laws were only changed because a group of people refused to obey them. Think of the civil rights movement. The 1994 AWB was largely ignored and unenforced in the majority of the country.

I think I would be remiss if I did not point out that that the founding fathers of the U.S. were in just such a place. they were commiting treason and breaking the law of the land
This is a valid point and anyone who does not understand this needs a refresher course in American history. Civil disobedience is an American tradition that has been used since the beginning of this country and is often necessary to make positive changes.

The same is true of game laws. Baiting has been illegal here in GA forever, but that law was ignored and unenforceable for so long that the GA legislature finally conceded to make it legal in the southern half of the state. There was more opposition in the north so this is the compromise they came up with.

I will not advise someone to break a law, but would not call anyone a poacher who did this.
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