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In a way, this is much like the argument between Arizona and the DOJ.

Police powers are delegated by the people to the State. If the State refuses to act, who's left?

For deer, all you have to do is look for a browse line in the trees, where the deer have to eat tree leaves instead of herbs and forbs. (Same as in goat pastures.) You can drive down a highway at 70mph and tell whether or not the land is overloaded. (Lotsa "ruint" land between Phoenix, AZ, and Uvalde or Sonora, TX.)

When a pasture is over-goated with deer and the State doesn't act? "You take care of the land and it will take care of you." -- My grandfather, circa 1942.

By and large I have no resentment at following game laws. Easy to obey, since most of them are quite sensible. But the land itself is far more important. Ruined land doesn't feed many people.
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