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Hard to say, I guess I am one of the lucky ones who got a gem off the shelf. It's a Rem 700 BDL and it has digested everything I have put through it with stellar accuracy.

That said my two favorite loads are not anywhere near the norm,however they will both shoot 3/4" out to 200yds.

The first is the Nosler 130gr Solid Base or Ballistic Tip, loaded over 46.5grs of IMR-3031, in WIn cases using Win-WLR primers. Not hardly breaking 2800fps across the chrony, it has dump countless deer and hogs on their noses, and is mild enough that my mom used it until she quite hunting at 70.

The other uses same brass and primers along with the Horandy 150gr RNSP loaded over 50grs of IMR-4350. Another thumper load which has been used to drop plenty of hogs on the spot. Again, nothing fancy or barn burning, but VERY effective and easy on the shoulder and ears. It will also, like the 160gr RN loads from a 6.5x55, reach out and do things way beyond your initial conception of how things should be. Must be something about those long slim bullets....

I now have a load using the 130gr SST loaded over some Ramshot Hunter which is bumping the 3000fps range quite easily. It is sighted in to the mil dots on the Burris scope and will hit within an inch out to 600yds of where I set the proper dot. IT is a pretty decent performer on the hogs at the longer ranges I loaded it for, but I haven't used them on deer yet. From what I have seen with the hogs it might be a touch to much.
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