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Beware of the Pan A/V

A few weeks back I purchased the Pan A/V ultradot because of all good reviews on the Internet about the ultradot sights. Keep in mind this is my own experience with this sight, so here goes. Mounted the sight on my Ruger Mark III 22/45, went to the range and was hitting bullseyes in no time. So I tightened down the locking screw and shot again. I wasn't even on paper at all. I knew at 30 yards I didn't miss that badly, so I shot again- off the paper again! I untightened the locking screw and my bullseyes came back immediately. I did this several times, locking and unlocking the tightening screw with the same results- bummer. Took the sight home and put the gun (gently) in a vice. I looked at the reticle and tightened the locking screw. The reticle moved drastically to the left. Took the sight off the gun and I could actually see the top portion of the sight move when tightening the locking screw. So I called ultradot since their warranties are touted as being so great. They told me to pay to ship the sight appr. 10 bucks after tracking and insurance plus they made me send a check for $12.95 for return shipping. About a week later they emailed me telling me my sight was ready and being shipped back. I emailed back about if they repaired it or if they were sending me a new one. They sent back an email to say the tech used it on an air rifle and it zeroed it and nothing was wrong with the sight. She said he was sending his target to prove it. Now I sent detailed explanations of the problem over the phone, email and with the sight itself. She told me to try it again. I responded to her email and told her I could also send the tech my targets to him to prove I can shoot and that I didn't have a zeroing problem but a point of aim shift when using the locking screw. So now I have a $225 sight plus $23 for shipping costs and still the same problem. I will be trying to take back to the retailer once it comes back. Moral of the story: If you want a holographic sight buy something else. P.s. many people online have been curious if these sights are actually made in Japan, they are based in Florida and when I asked the woman on the phone (she is in charge of distribution and customer service- I'm leaving her name out to be nice) she did not have an answer- she said "I don't know" -enough said.
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