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Not much cold weather shooting here in the Hills of Berkshire County, although, most hunting is done in cold weather. Both of my 209 guns (.50 Bolt Action CVA and 12 Gauge Tradtions Pursuit Pro) have never had a misfire due to wet primer, in rain or snow. I do make it a point to shield the action with a gloved hand, or cover it with my coat when sitting.
My .54 smooth bore Tradtions uses a stainless nipple and #11 CCI cap, never had a problem with it in any conditions. I do seal the muzzles with a wrap of electrical tape in nasty weather. Is this needed? Most likely not, but it makes me feel better.
Thought about putting a layer of thin plastic wrap over the capped nipple and using a trash bag tie to secure it, a little extra cleaning of melted plastic would be worth the venison in the freezer. Anyone done something similar?
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