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For a .308 in a hunter rifle... it ain't so much the brand of dies as the precision in which they are used.

One way to go is, a combination of neck size or neck size/shoulder bump die from Redding or Forster that uses interchangeable neck sizing bushings (and no sizing button)... and the occasional and mild use of a inexpensive Redding body die, used every 4-6 loadings... when cases start to feel a little snug.

The ideas here are to:
1. Have total user control over the amount of neck tension on the bullet... for repeatable, +/- .0001" consistency.
2. Control case (radial) fit in the chamber, concentricity... and eliminate the extremes in expansion and excessive resizing.
2.a.. Use the absolute minimum amount of case manipulation necessary to produce a loaded round.

I have no dog in this hunt as far as dies go... I don't care what you use. However, I was a competitive benchrest shooter for over 15 years... so I know a few things about accuracy and consistency.
I can explain all this in a excruciatingly long and detailed, benchrest quality process... but no point in going to extremes if you're not interested in going there too.

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