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Hello iblong,,,

Actually, what you are doing will work fine,,,
The only thing is the wax will build up over time.

There are a ton of exotic products on the market,,,
Kind of like the situation with gun oils,,,
Most of them will work just fine.

The danger is using too much oil and softening the leather.

My personal favorite treatment is to use a damp (not sopping wet) cloth,,,
I then work up a lather with Fiebings Saddle Soap,,,
This cleans off old wax very nicely.

I am very careful not to get the holster too wet,,,
I use just enough water to get a lather and no more.

When the holster dries I wax it up again,,,
I use Carnuba wax on my leather and it works very well,,,
But the standard Kiwi wax you are using will also do the job nicely.

In any case,,,
No matter what product you use,,,
Avoid over-saturating the leather with oil or conditioner.

One thing a lot of people do after they clean and wax,,,
They wrap their gun in one or two layers of any Saran type wrap,,,
They then put the gun back in the holster and form it a teeny bit until it dries.

This is not the end all of holster cleaning,,,
But it will do the trick very nicely.


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