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RCBS Uniflow Accuracy?

Well, I loaded up my first live batch last night - only 20, that way if I screwed up, it wasn't a huge waste of resources.

Anyways, following recommendations of forum and books to down-load a bit when new, I set up scale (Lyman Ohaus D5) for 4.2 grains and adjusted the screw (bolt?knob?) on the Uniflow Powder Measure until what was being dumped weighed out correctly.

As I went along, I was measuring every 5th round or so (sometimes more often) and was finding that while many weighed perfect at 4.2, I was getting variations up to 4.5-4.6. It is probable that some loads were seated in that "higher than I wanted" condition.

While I don't believe I am in any danger of an overload, I would think the powder measure would be a little more accurate than that. Are these 1/10 - 3/10 gr. variations acceptable or is there an adjustment I am missing? Or is there something wrong that needs to be examined?
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