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Are we really a year round enthusiast

"This topic is written for those hard core year round B/P enthusiast in mind."
What's wrong with shooting in the cold and snow? What better time to ask then in the heat of summer time.

Well, at first glance there's the obvious problem that some of us are not inclined to spend time in the cold air and chance ending up looking like Mr. Frosty. And than there are those who have health issue's. Not a good thing. So those of you who meet that first criteria, best stay inside, but those with current health issue's keeping you inside are more than welcome to leave a thread about earlier years when there were no issue's.

But the rest of us should have no fear of shooting in the reasonable cold and snow. Now I'm not talking here about a full scale blizzard or -30 below wind and air temps. There are some cold & snow conditions in which no human should be attempting anything, much less shooting. But if you'd have no problem walking out to the mailbox, or taking the dog for a walk down a street or sidewalk that's been shoveled of its snow and ice removed or melted, you should have no problem going shooting.

I would think part of your equipment needs to be a good leather possible bag that offers waterproof protection, or a good shooting box that keeps out the drifting and blowing snow. Perhaps ya'll have a better idea. Lets hear it.

After loading: I was thinking of getting and using a cow's knee over the hammer (and frizzen if it's a flintlock) when carrying in the snow but haven't done so yet. From what I've seen a cow's knee is a fairly large piece of waterproofed leather loosely shaped like a cup with two short thongs to tie under the trigger guard; it fits over the hammer in the nipple or touch hole area and keeps that critical area dry. They're available at any good Suttlery so I've been told.

After that cold /snowy outing. You do need to take care of your equipment, Condensation of course can be a major problem. My guns get thoroughly cleaned, dried and oiled after any shooting session.

So, what do you do? Stay dry inside and wish you could go shooting, or gather the gear, bundle up, and head out regardless?

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