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Restore blue

I have a JC higgins 22 that I adore and have shot all of my life. From the years and less than ideal storage the finish has become more browned than blued. Can I restore the finish without stripping and re-blueing? I have heard of some wipe on products with mixed reveiws. Any suggestions?
I also have a 870 wingmaster youth that has very-very light raised dots on it. I plan to try some rem oil and a cleaning cloth first but is there a backup plan for that gun also? I have become fanatical about the upkeap on my guns since my youth so I dont expect either of the conditions to progress.
While I have the attention of those that "know" can anyone recomend a stock refinishing product. I plan to strip the .22 stock and put fresh coat of urathane (or whatever) over it.
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