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Without hitting the maps, I don't know which of the Florida IDPA and USPSA clubs are near Miami, but you can look them up.

I shoot IDPA these days.
There is a good introduction at:

Some places offer new shooter indoctrination and even classes but some don't.
We mostly hold matches, not instructional courses.
You are expected to know how to operate, fire, and shoot your gun.
You will be starting with a draw from the holster, from under a concealment garment in IDPA, shooting at widely varied targets, shooting on the move, from behind cover in IDPA, around assorted props in USPSA, in various stances, positions, and contortions.
You will be moving with a loaded gun in hand, sometimes shooting, reloading on the move in USPSA, getting to cover to reload in IDPA.

Safety, keeping control of your gun is essential.
You can have a lot of fun, but you need to be in constant learning mode. Pay attention to the course of fire directions and watch experienced shooters. Don't try to go as fast as they do, though.
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