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If there was a time when point shooting would be a lifesaver, this would be it. I do not mean hip shooting, blazing away. What I mean is bring the weapon up to point shoulder and fire. The method Jim Gregg uses is similar to what I was taught as a young pup copper.

15 yards is the maximum distance for this type of shooting to be effective. Do not move forward or back, you are not accomplishing anything, move laterally. Most effective when done explosively, nothing saying you cannot circle the BG firing. The situation will for a certain point determine what, how, where the fight happens.

One thing to remember, when you are in the most danger is when its ON. What I mean by that is if you miss the selection process, your first sign of danger may well be that sucker punch that seemingly comes out of nowhere. If we are very lucky, we see the predator searching for prey, or they approach and attempt to engage you in conversation to draw you in.
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