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Looks pretty good to me. It is also Revolver Neutral, another very good point.
Keep up the Good Work on your course designs. It seems to me like lots of match directors are running the round counts up to maximum setting up North Hollywood Bank Robbery Stages. We have always set up all our Defensive Pistol Stages with reloads at 6 rounds. We have no complaints about doing it Revolver Neutral. We normally have a Minimum of 2 and a maximum of 5 or 6 revolver shooters in a match.

We had a stage in our last match similar.

Three targets at 10 yards with 2 No Shoots out front.

You are seated in your Living Room with your handgun on the Coffee Table beside you Unloaded. (Slide Forward/Cylinder Closed) Magazine/Speed Loader/Moon Clip) on Table beside the Hand Gun.

You have 2 Drunk Unarmed Girls come in your front door with 3 armed men behind them. At the Buzzer you load and engage all three armed Bad Guys with 2 rounds each. You get up move Left to cover, reloading on the way and reengage with 2 rounds each. From the position of cover the Drunk Girls are 2/3 blocking the view of 2 of the Bad Guys requiring the shots to be close over the shoulder of the Unarmed Girls.

This was a well liked Stage. We will probably do it again in September when it cools down. Due to the 100 deg heat the turnout was a little low for the July Defensive Pistol Match (Outlaw IDPA). August is a Steel Match, so September would be a good time to do it again.
We swap back and forth every month with Steel Challange one month and Outlaw IDPA the next.
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