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Y/D, in the Lyman .54 Trade Rifle, I've shot round ball with from 50 to 100 grains Goex 3f and also tried 80 to 90 grains behind a 385gr. Great Plains bullet just for grins.

Standing, the recoil isn't bad with any of those loads, although the GP bullet loads are pretty stout. Off the bench, my cheek gets slapped by the stock if I go much above 70 grains. I typically shoot 60-70 grains and round ball at paper, cans and steel plates.

I've been shooting cap and ball revolvers since late last year, but just got the Lyman a few months ago. Between BP and .22LR, I'm barely shooting my centerfire guns any more these days.

I will take the New Englander out for the first time next Friday. I'm thinking the flatter stock and butt plate may be more comfortable off the bench than the Lyman.

Pahoo, I've been looking at the various Pedersoli tang sights. What do you think of those? They are kind of pricey. If I can't eventually find a TC sight, I'll have to decide between the Lyman 57 and a Pedersoli. I would modify the Lyman like you did rather than alter the stock.

ETA: I stripped the New Englander and found 2 dabs of silicon gasket type material under the lock. I guess this is a later built rifle when TC QC was getting spotty. I've read about other people finding the same "fix" under the lock. I'm guessing TC had a run of stocks with the mortise cut too deep?
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