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One more thread from a newbie - I'm sure it won't be the last

As I have stated in a couple other posts, one of the manuals I am currently reading is the 1986 Reloaders Bible.

In it, it is suggested that a tumbler is optional but a good method for cleaning used brass in preparation for reloading is to boil it in a solution of water and dishsoap, then rinse and allow to dry.

Now, I know brass won't rust, but is this feasible? Or even a good idea?
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Boil? Overkill. Tumble? Overkill. Wash? Overkill. But nice to do.

For decades I just wiped my brass clean with a soft cloth.

I have a tumbler now and my brass is prettier but shoots just the same.

Some people wash their brass in a bucket with soap and water, just sloshing it around. Some then dry it in a warm oven (the hot water helps evaporation, which is why boiling water might be preferred) or in the airstream of a fan. It will take a while to get the insides of the cases dry, but that is ABSOLUTELY necessary.

Tumbler is easier than all that sloshing and drying.

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