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I picked up a used model 10-10 earlier today. I've been told it was an Australian police trade in, but have no way to confirm that.

Serial number BKZ52XX.
Late 1991 or early 1992. They were using the numbers a bit out of order then, so it's difficult to pin down. The book mentions a number of different countries that purchased batches of Model 10s, but doesn't say anything about Australia, which doesn't necessarily mean anything - the ones they do mention are in unusual configurations or carry unusual markings. The heavy barrel 10-10 was introduced in 1988 and replaced by the 10-12 in 1997; the corresponding tapered barrel models were the -9 and -11.

Can someone please tell me the approx. Manufacture date of a Model 28Highway Patrolman, serial No. N5738xx.
The N5xxxxx series was produced from 1978 to 1980. Prices on N-frames have been escalating rapidly lately. Based on the condition you describe, I'd say somewhere around $650.
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