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Tumbler and, if you're really lazy, a separator:
  1. Takes longer sometimes, see item #3.
  2. Less messy.
  3. Cleaner brass... dependent on how long you run it and what chemicals, if any, you use... "just clean" to a high polish.
  4. More $ for tumbler and separator.
  5. The only way to go if you want really clean cases.
Hot soap and water:
  1. Cheap
  2. Easy
  3. Not as clean or shiny... usually just good enough.
  4. Perhaps better with straight wall cases than bottleneck cases.
  5. Some folks use a separator (salad shooter ) to remove most of the water... really.

Like PawPaw's story... When I first got into reloading in the late 60s, no one had a tumbler. Now, considering how inexpensive they are, most any serious re-loader has one as a standard piece of equipment.

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