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Bob Wright
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After the faux pas of introducing myself on the wrong forum, I'll try again:

My name is Bob Wright, and I favor the Single Action. I'm retired now, don't quite shoot as much, age and finances restricting.

Here is the first pistol I ever shot and the one that sort of got me started, though I can't remember not being interested in guns.

Its a Mauser M1910 in .25 ACP and my first shooting was around 1945 or 1946. It is marked "6,35mm" and nobody in our houshold had any idea what that meant. My brother brought it home from WW II. At his death he left it to my nephew. Shortly before my nephew's death, he gave the gun to me.

This was my first real revolver of my own, a Colt New Service, bought in 1954:

It was a .45 Colt, reworked from .455 Eley, when I bought it. As it appears here it is a .44 Special with S&W rear sight and Micro front. Home made walnut grips.

Bob Wright
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