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Forget about #2 alloy. It contains 5% tin, way too much. Any more that 2% is unnecessary, or wasted. Lead is wherever you find it. You need to be patient. I talk a lot about guns AND the fact that I cast lead boolits.

I used to be surprised when somebody would come up to me and say something like this; Hey I have this stuff I think is lead, do you want it? Or hey they're scrapping this machine, it has counterweights that are lead. That one netted me 1500 # of nearly pure lead.

Another buddy said my dad has this "statue" or sculpture that he thinks is made of pewter!! I said what does it weigh? he said 150 pounds!!! Told him I'd pay fifty cents a pound for it. Next week he's there with it all melted down, cast into angle iron ingots, turned out to be 100 pounds, and it was nearly pure lead. But at $.50, it was a great deal. I handed him a 50 he was happier than a kid in a candy store.
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