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Stick, I am on the new group buy for the 358156 that's going on right now. It'll be 360 with gas check and just the plain round pins. I know it'll be this fall before it's ready.

This 44 mold is number four, the 356156 will be #5. My first was the 700 grain "grand canyon" mold for the 500 S&W. I also have the 200 RNFP-HP, and the .452 H&G #68 SWC. They did a run with the H&G 68 in a HP design as well, but one HP .45 mold is enough.

I could send you a batch of these, but not just yet. See, it's been darn hot out, I stay comfortable inside with the central air on, but I don't like casting with it on. Why add more heat, while it's fighting to withstand the onslaught from old sol.

I also have to figure out what this mold wants to cast acceptable boolits. This first run had at least a 50% reject rate, I'm real happy with 10%. That's what I strive for, but I'm real picky during inspection. Complete fill-out, no wrinkles and sharp bases and driving bands. It could be as simple as adding 1% tin, that would aid in fill-out and lower the temp for casting as well. Not bad for a first run though.
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