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Wow! I can't believe how much activity this thread is getting. Thanks for all the info guys. It will all come in handy down the road. I already purchased my 92fs, so as I said earlier in the thread, this is just something for me to reference to if I have any issues.

But! To all the people here who own (or have owned) a 92fs, what ammo do you recommend for
- Range, Plinking, Practice
- Home Defense, Carry, SHTF
I like 124gr Federal Hydrashocks for defense. They are VERY accurate. Golddot 124gr (not the +p) is also sometimes used... When the ammo run began after Obama was elected - 124gr Hydrshocks were no where to be seen for months. So, I had to switch to Golddots for a while.

I like the 115gr Critical Defense in my M&P Shield. But I find it shoots low in my 92's.

For target practice - I have had some issues with that cheap Wal-Mart red box Federal ammo. Once I saw others commenting about the same thing at the Beretta Forum, I quit using it. Any problems I had went away.

I use wither WWB from wal-mart or CCI Blazer aluminum.
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