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I've had two. I love the 92f. The only con I can think of is that an opponent can disassemble the slide from the frame with one hand while you are holding it if he knows what he's doing. This of course leaves him with your slide in his hand and just the frame in yours...
Since this has come up AGAIN, I thought I'd say something about it...

If someone has their hand on your gun like this - they can just take it from you. Also, push the slide back on any semi auto, and its "deactivated" as long as the slide is held back. Once again, you have a ton of problems. They can just as well take your gun out of your hands.

Anyway - here is a picture from the Lethal Weapon movie everyone loves to think about when this subject comes up..... Notice the disassembly lever is ALREADY down...

If you are going to let THIS stop you from buying a Beretta 92, then its just ridiculous...
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