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I did a "Shoot with S.W.A.T." two months ago for their local benefit charity at my Indoor Membership Range. One of the 3 stages was two different course in one. The first was walk 15 yards to 5 yards and shoot on the move as many rounds as you could put on the target. Then the reverse 5 yards to 15 yards with as many as you could put on the target. The second was a rectangular course with 5 targets down range and you start back left from 10 to 5 yards and then across all 5 targets and then back 5 yards and across to the starting point. A rectangular course. Shoot as many rounds as you can get on each target, reload when needed and keep going. When going horizantal across the targets it was weak hand left to right and when going right to left it was strong hand right to left. Some of the folks needed the Safety Officer to pull them thru the course, me I almost ran away from him and when finished he asked "Do you shoot Competetion"? I answered yes and have taken 5 Gun Fighting courses in the last 2+ years. He said Excellent. The other folks just got a good show of how to do it. Once you learn how to shoot on the move and continue to practice it, you can get very good at it. I look forward to doing this again next year. The other two stages were fast rounds into two targets spaced at 3 yards from 7 yards and the "Mystery House". No briefing, just kill the Bad Guys and don't hit the good guys. If you had a high cap gun they wanted 4 rounds in each BG, if less then 3 or 2 rounds. I shot a G-19 with a Red Dot J-Point scope and Ranger T ammo. What a Blast!
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