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we are talking about 200-300 pound wolves here and they cover a lot of ground. there is really no domestic dog you could equate them to but I could see an animal that weighs that much eating 30 pounds of meat a day and working it off by the time the pack has moved 30 miles through the mountains. in the winter they would burn even more.
+1 on wanting to see a source that proves that wolves get that big.

We are but a part of nature (Biology applies to all life of whatever sort) and the key fact is quite simple: Nature bats last.
Yup, and there are nine innings. We got rid of wolves and cougars here in Maine, and we got huge coyotes (not 200-300 pounders, but big).
That is not the issue in the wolf "reintroduction" here in the Pacific northwest and northern Rockies. I would have fully supported protecting the returning population of the native Idaho wolf but that is not what the Feds chose to do. They sold the public a bill of goods that is false with an interloper from Canada.

When I lived in Maine we didn't have any moose at all. Now, today, moose are hunted with a recovered population. I suspect in time, the cougars will return as we have sightings of them even in Connecticut of all places. Coyotes are taking over the entire country and are alive and well here in Idaho as well.

The monster wolves from Canada are a true wolf disaster as declared by the Governor of Idaho last year. This has nothing to do the excesses of the past. It has all to do with betrayal and falsehoods perpetrated by the Feds against the populations in these areas.
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