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The feds have about the same chance of catching these mutts as they did of tracing weapons to "kingpins". It is complete farce to divert attention from Holder et. al. and F+F.

Heard the Terry's lawyer on the news last night. He referred to F+F as a "botched sting operation" and double-talked his way around some other facets of the case which reflect poorly on DOJ. Now, I can understand he wants to see some "gain" (wrong word, but I don't have another) for his clients, so playing patty-cake might seem a path to go.

On the other hand, Terry was issued bean-bags as a response to FMJ ammo. By the same savants now insisting Border Patrol agents follow the same directives as fifth-graders in an active shooter scenario (run, hide, throw things if found). Playing along to make such people less uncomfortable seems the wrong way to go.
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