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Savage customer service is good. The only complaint I've ever heard is the familiar one about a delay when something isn't in stock and you have to wait until the next time they run that part. The main advantage to dealing with factory service in general is that whatever problem you have is one they will have seen before. Try talking to them to see if they have any immediate advice.

Often the symptom you report is not exclusively the fault of the extractor. It happens because the ejector is not protruding far enough to keep pressure on the case head until the case mouth clears the chamber. Whether that's due to the ejector being too short or the extractor claw having too big an opening, you'll have to diagnose. Since changing the claw seems to have helped, at least until burrs wear off, it sounds like the ejector may be marginal on length and an extra hundredth of an inch might work wonders. When either condition applies, the case can just fall off the bolt face when the ejector pressure ceases to be present.

My Steyr Scout does the same thing. In discussing fixing it with a couple of friends, a debate arose about whether that was really a bad feature or not? For one thing, the rifle can be made to eject just by opening the bolt rapidly. That's how Jeff Cooper taught working a bolt to get a rapid follow-up shot, and when bolt guns were standard for service rifle matches, rapid fire bolt work in dry fire was a standard exercise. It's a good excuse to get involved in vintage military rifle matches just to encourage you to practice. Many modern shooters aren't even aware of that skill, much less are they able to do it. The advantages of that loose grip on the case are that it doesn't throw the cases very far when it does eject, and if I am working up a load in the same case at the range or am merely trying to avoid dinging the mouths of some carefully prepared cases, letting them fall into the action for retrieval or careful dumping is actually a plus.
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