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How do you clean/adjust the sprue plate and the mold face?

Is adjusting the alignment pins pretty much like tweaking the H&Gs?
The sprue plate should never need cleaning if you're running the mold using bull plate sprue plate lube. It was sold by a guy in Alaska that has since gone out of business. It's simply synthetic 2 cycle motor oil. Sprue plate is put on a hot mold in places you want a thin film to prevent lead from sticking. The hinge for the sprue plate, guide pins and under the sprue plate and on the top of the mold. Miha provides a small bottle with each mold. It's a high temp lube that does NOT oxidize, but prevents lead build up and lubricates too.

He also provides a top punch for Lyman and RCBS lubrisizers. It fits the top of the bullet precisely.

As for the guide pins, Miha is using a new design. The old pins were a round nose design that slid into a precise hole in the opposing block. The new ones are a more truncated cone type that align precisely with a tapered hole in the other side. Lock-up is positive. If they ever were to wear,(the lube should prevent that), I'm sure a nudge on the back of the pins would make them tighten up.
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