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Those are nice boolits! I like the weight, a bridge between the 245s and 300s. A 270 gr hardcast solid would be a dandy woodswalking round, and plainbase to boot! Some 250 HPs for around the house...One mould does all!

I have one MiHa mould, a 4 cav .452 with the HP pins and it feeds as well as ball. I too, have to run this brass mould a little on the warm side so they wouldn't stick on the pins. I had a little trouble with fill-out around the nose also, and a little tin fixed that in short order. I was up and casting pretty quick with few rejects.

Enough good can not be said about MiHa Moulds. I have casted with many different brands of moulds over the years both steel and aluminum and Mihas brass mould easily became my best mould. Ease of use, lots of nice boolits in a hurry, convertible, and a very nice looking mould. The man is an artist that makes these moulds. 156 bucks is a bargain for this mould.
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