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I shot a 600 Yard F Class Match a while back. I reloaded my ammo the night before the match. I am shooting a 223 with 90 grain Berger's. I found enough brass already sized and primed to shoot the match.
Anyway I was shooting the match and kept getting a high shot now and again. When I picked up my empties to put them back in the box, Base Up. I discovered some were primed with Remington Bench Rest, and the rest with CCI Small Rifle Magnums which I normally use.
Best that I could tell from the Paster Positions on the target, the Magnum Primed ammo was shooting 6 - 9 Inches higher than the Remington BR primed ammo.
My 223 Bolt Gun likes Magnum Primers with 90 grain bullets. It likes the Remington BR Primers just fine with H4895 and 77's and 80 grain bullets.

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