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Capability: civillian shooters, last I saw, were seven (7) times more likely to hit their target than police. Cops are notoriously bad shooters (I can tell you this is quite true, and they are actually very dangerous) -- essentially failures at a core responsibility of their duty.
I would like to know where you found this nugget of information. Latest statistics are anywhere from 29% to 49% hit rate depending on which agency is involved. That is not bad considering that that cop is getting shot at, has already been shot, is diving for cover. Two examples of this are an officer with the FT Worth, Texas PD was shot in the pelvis by a 38 wadcutter, he hit his assailant 5 out of 6 shots and the BG's gun with the other shot. An off duty LA cop was ambushed getting out of her POV, shot thru the chest with a 357 magnum, she shot and killed her assailant hitting at least 4 of 5 shot fired. We can cherry pick all day to prove whichever point you want, its a whole new experience when they are shooting at you!
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