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Unintended Consequences

Had enough of rattlesnakes from the years I was in the Riverside/Moreno Valley area of S. Cal.
My friend bought a 7 1/2 acre property and home on a ridgetop in Moreno Valley. Very neat place, it had been unoccupied for 1.5 years before they moved in. It had been many years since anyone had really done anything with the land, the former owners just lived in the house.
My friend quickly discovered the place was home to a large number of rattlesnakes, big rattlesnakes.
It was quite routine to stop by his place and see a 5.5 foot plus rattler as big around as your forearm lying dead in his driveway. All were victims of lead poisoning. He was rightfully concerned that his beloved dogs would get bit, so he killed them.
Once the snake problem was gone, the rodent problems began. The rodents especially enjoyed dining on the wiring of his cars.
The rodents were lots more trouble than the snakes ever were.
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