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A note about the DC 'Delmarva' area. I live here, and so I want to throw something out here. Regardless of carry status, the people you should announce a potential threat to you are not the store employees. It's the rest of us... the customers. It's the DC area and there are a lot of us ex-mil ex-gov types walking around in every walmart you go into. Not to mention, there are an awful of what I would call 'Assertive Americans' in the DC area. That woman you see yelling at the kids... the couple you see making eyes at each other. Those are the people you need to get the attention of, in addition to the store employees. It's like shining a light on cockroaches. As soon as you get the light on (by getting the rest of us to start looking) then we make those roaches run away.

I know that sometimes Delmarva does not seem like the friendliest place. I moved back here after being out in the country where a honk meant 'hello' and not 'move you f**king ass'... but when it comes to defending yourselves against a**holes you'd be surprised how fast we can come together regardless of race creed and color :-)

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