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Those grips appear to be injection molded - the round mark at the bottom looks like an ejector pin mark.
I don't see the round mark you are referring to? They look like normal S&W I frame extensions to me although many vintage pistol grip types are being reproduced today.

They are hollow grips so they are rare then? Okay so there was a reply that said the grips may be worth more than the gun?
I don't know about the "hollow grips" part but these grips are not super valuable even if original. While they are not easy to get or common, they are not really in demand either. They are not like having a set of coke bottle grips or pre war K frame magnas. I would say value is around $150, give or take $50. Later I frame extensions were walnut, and then some had medallions and some did not. I myself do not know the rarity peking order for I frame target extension stocks, but its probably a moot point anyways.
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