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Savage extractors

I have a new savage model 11 (trophy xp hunter). It is a left hand bolt in a 308................I like it but:

I've had extraction issues on 2 copies of the same model now. the 1st one would chamber fine.....however when ejecting a spent round it dropped the case in the receiver to jam the next round (unless I turned the rifle upside down before chambering the next one).

so I swapped it for another (through gallery of guns). The 2nd copy started doing the same thing after dry firing it over those A-zoom snap caps......

so no more snap caps and I got another extractor from midwayusa and it works great again but for how long?

Anyone ever deal with this sort of thing.

thanks for any info and best regards......I've been through a few push feed bolts in my day but never a savage and never an issue until now

what the heck?..........waaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!

I can hardly wait to deal with customer service (not!)
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