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Shot it last night, and comfy or not, it still punches me if I have my cheek on it... I need a Weatherby MkV style stock for it.

Anyway, it is very good for quick point and shoot style with the stock retracted, also makes for easier storage, and when extended, is quite comfortable punching clays, although I still have to do a cheek "hover" instead of weld. I've gotten pretty good at it!

Klaw, I would recommend the recoil reducing one for sure, my son only took 2 shots before crying uncle. For the first time, my shoulder is actually sore, but I put a couple boxes of 100 through it, but it doesn't make any attempt to soften the recoil. I went with it because I am not bothered by recoil (much) and my wife already won't shoot it, so I went with the cheaper version.
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