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The case mouths have a lighter reflecting ring than the rest of the neck, suggesting they were crimped hard by running into the crimp shoulder in the seating die. Since it's not happening to them all, it suggests some of your cases are longer than others. This is corrected by trimming after resizing (when they grow most) and before seating. It is also the case that your bullet was designed to be crimped in its cannelure (the knurled ring) so your seater stem isn't turned in far enough to get that level with the mouth. Finished COL for .30-06 should be 3.185" with the Hornady 150 gr. FMJ BT.

I recommend that unless you have a situation you know requires such a crimp, like shooting cast bullets, you try not crimping at all. Back your seater die's body (the coarse outer thread) off several turns. Put one of your sized and trimmed cases in the shell holder, run the ram up to the top of the stroke. Tighten the die body until you feel it stop against the case. This is where the crimp shoulder starts to touch the case mouth. Back it out one turn. Set the locking collar into place. Adjust the finer inner thread to seat the bullet to the desired depth.

If you have to have a crimp, trim all cases to the same length. Follow the instructions in + (they work for other brands as well).
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